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Looking to Hire instead?Hire Developers

Looking to Hire instead?
Hire Developers

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How to become a Uptal developer?

Work with the best software companies in just 4 easy steps

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Fill in your basic details - Name, location, skills, salary, & experience.

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After completing your profile, solve your preferred coding challenge

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Frequently asked questions

What does Uptal do?

Uptal is building remote first Talent cloud to matched developers with global startups.

How can Uptal help me build a strong career ?

Once you create profile and get verified by taking a coding challenge, we consider you as Uptal talent. You will get life long access to developer centric community with global matching to high paying remote jobs.

What is Uptal's vetting process??

We have 2 step vetting process (step 1) Signup and complete your profile by providing personal and professional details (step 2) One hour real time coding exam to analyze your skills and expertise

Will I be Uptal's employee or the partner company's employees? ?

Once you are hired by a Uptal partner company, your contract will be Uptal. You will officially be on Uptal’s payroll, even though you will be working for a leading startups that has partnered with Uptal. This is how Uptal ensures smooth, stable payments and a really rewarding experience for developers.

Do I have to pay a fee or commission after I get hired? ?

NO. Absolutely NOT. All developers negotiate their own salaries and are paid in full. Furthermore, Uptal does not deduct any portion or percentage of your salary.

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