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Access future ready talent cloud to find remote developers with verified technical skills, matched in your timezone - no upfront cost and pay only once you hire.

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Web3 developers

Scale your startup from seed funding to IPO

Our vetted talent cloud supports you to hire 4x faster, so you can focus on building products that matters.

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How it works ?

It all starts with quality database—after registraion you will get access to
8000+ verified talent pool to quickly shortlist, communicate and
setup interview with the developers.

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Sign up and Complete your profile
Give us a few details and set up a time to talk with our hiring team

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Access Talent Cloud
After verification, you will get 100% access to our talent cloud for free.

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Engage and hire talents
Chat with talents, setup interview and hire 4X faster

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire remote developers from Uptal ?

Uptal offers 100% verified remote developers who are available to join in the next 30 days. We also make remote development 4x faster by managing payroll and compliances.

What is Uptal's pricing model ?

We follow a transparent pricing model. Every month you will need to pay for talent cost + 12.5% of monthly salary per employee hired. There are no subscription or setup fees. Eg: If the offered salary is 1000$ per month, we will invoice you 1000$ + $125 = $1125

What types of engagements does Uptal offer (full-time, contract, etc.) ?

Most of the developers that come to Uptal are seeking full-time, long-term work. Uptal does not offer much part-time developers at the moment. The Talent Cloud company is committed to sourcing and vetting only the best remote developers for full-time roles.

What is the difference between Uptal and a traditional staffing firm? ?

Uptal does not setup developer fees or manage the workers as some staffing firms do. We will provide you compelete access to our verified talent cloud. You can filter, search and hire your own full time developers and where you work with them directly.

How do Uptal verifies talent skills ?

We conduct proctored coding exams to measure candidates's specific skills and you will get access to the report in our talent dashboard.

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