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How To Hire Android Developers?

A Software Developer who specializes in building applications for the Android marketplace is known as an Android Developer. The Android app shop competes directly with Apple's app store. As a result, an Android Developer's primary responsibility is to create the apps we use on our smartphones and tablets.

1. Describe your requirement

Please contact us so that we can learn more about your requirements. The more time we spend learning about your needs, the more effective our work will be in the future.

2. Examine the candidates

Following our recruitment team's thorough screening, we'll present you with a selection of numerous Android app developers from which to choose.

3. Make your final decision

After you've approved the applicants, we'll assist them in seamlessly integrating into your project. You have an option in terms of management style and tools. If an in-person meeting is possible, we do it; if not, we employ video conferencing and other communication technologies.

4. Begin the development process

In the end, having more professionals under your complete authority benefits your team. It's the equivalent of having more in-house workers who work from home. We also manage all of the administration, so you save money compared to if you hired them on your own.

Why Do You Need To Hire an Android Developer?

For anything you want or need, there is now a mobile app. Everything may now be done using a smartphone app, including downloading content, streaming internet content, buying, banking, comparing product or service reviews, and monitoring the weather. With millions of apps available, desktop PCs are becoming obsolete. It's no surprise that apps account for 89 percent of mobile media time. According to a recent analysis by App Annie, the global app industry is expected to reach $6.3 trillion by 2021.

These figures highlight the necessity of having a mobile app for business owners. It's past time for customer-focused firms to hire dedicated mobile app developers to create a feature-rich, user-friendly app.

In today's digital world, failing to have a mobile app on major platforms such as Android and iOS means losing a significant portion of potential clients to competitors who are more suited to meet their digital needs. With the current trend indicating that mobile adoption will increase dramatically in the future, now may be the best moment to begin developing your mobile app.

Skills Required For an Android Developer:

1. Skills in Programming

Building mobile apps demand a solid understanding of design and programming. A solid programming competence aids in the step-by-step breakdown of new technology. Android app developers must code flexibly for diverse user interface conditions because mobile phones have smaller screens and simpler processors. The following programming approaches and technologies are often used by app developers.

2. Skills in Designing

End-users can interact with Android apps through a front-end interface. Graphics, layouts, controls, and animation are all part of the user interface (UI). Normally, designers are hired for large projects, however, if funds are restricted, some projects require developers with essential android UI design skills and experience with numerous design tools. Even if the app has full functionality, it won't last long on the market if it doesn't follow the latest UI principles.

Here are a few examples of design tools that make it easier for android app developers to do their jobs.

Creating tools

To supply design components during the app development process, Android app development involves designing tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or other prototyping and wireframe development tools, mobile animation development tools, and more.

Material Design is a collection of sophisticated interface rules and standards that Google has put out across all of its products. For an amazing user experience and exquisite look in android app development, the Android platform has direct access to material design templates and libraries.

Beginners and experienced Android developers alike can benefit from the material design's rich guidelines and documentation.

3. Examining abilities

Before the final development of the program in Google Play or other platforms, it must be tested for bugs, errors, crashes, and glitches. Testing the app before its debut will reveal certain key flaws such as payment failures, security flaws, and so on. As a result, android developers must possess adequate testing abilities.

Methodologies and techniques for testing

In the development of android apps, testing is an important aspect of quality assurance. Android app development, on the other hand, necessitates a variety of testing tactics and methods before beginning the project. The following are some testing methodologies that developers should use during the development process.

  • OS evaluation

  • Testing of devices

  • Testing for network connectivity

  • Tests on batteries

  • Testing for security

  • Testing that is carried out automatically

  • Instruments for testing

Software testing can usually be done manually, with an automated tool, or both. As a result, to carry out efficient QA processes when evaluated in a varied environment, android developers must master testing methods and tools.

Android has a lot of problems with hardware, devices, and fragmentation. To test emulators or simulators, you'll need unique abilities, as well as a variety of approaches to execute tests on Android devices running different operating systems.

4. Expertise in publishing

Publishing abilities are just as important as technical abilities. You won't be able to obtain enough audiences no matter how wonderful your Android app is if you don't have enough promotion. As a result, great publishing skills are required of android developers.

Competencies in the marketplace

To make an android app available to clients or internal employees, the app must be published at the end of the design and development phase. Developers should be familiar with the programming guidelines, submission, and design for Google Play submission. They must also have a sufficient amount of successful practical experience. People may have reservations about your job if you lack sufficient practical experience.

Skills in documentation

Customers, technological products, and development methods are all dealt with by Android developers. The developers must have non-technical abilities, such as writing all documentation, articles, and blogs. Both experienced and rookie developers must write project proposals, guidelines, reports, analyses, and tutorials.

5. Skills in project management

The android developer is a member of the app development team regardless of their line of work. Because android app development cannot be done by a single person, it necessitates the collaboration of a group of individuals with varying levels of expertise who can manage their respective domains. As a result, an android developer should be familiar with the necessary project management skills.

6. Android Studio

Android Studio is the preferred integrated development environment (IDE) for Android developers. Android Studio is based on the well-known IntelliJ IDE and has excellent out-of-the-box support for several of the most popular Android SDKs.

Many of the tools that developers expect from a full-featured IDE are also included in Android Studio. As you type, code completion provides auto-complete options. You can use a code debugger to step through your code and find the source of faults.

There are even more complex tools, like memory and CPU monitors, that help developers ensure that their code will run well on a mobile device. For both new and veteran Android developers, Android Studio is a must-have.

Android Developer Salaries:

Android Developer Salary

According to interviewbit the Android Developer salary from basic to advanced is given above:

According to the graph, while the average compensation for an Android Developer is $416,700 per year, entry-level and mid-career salaries have decreased by 60% and 7%, respectively. Senior and late-career incomes, on the other hand, climbed by large percentages of 63 percent and 84 percent, respectively.

Top Interview Questions To Hire Android Developers:

  1. What are the main components/building blocks of Android?

  2. Which database is used for Android?

  3. Can Android applications only be programmed in Java?

  4. What is the difference between implicit intent and explicit intent?

  5. Where can you define the icon for your Activity?

  6. When does ANR occur and how can ANR be prevented?

  7. What is AIDL and explain data types are supported by AIDL?

  8. What is AndroidManifest.xml?

  9. Is there a case wherein other qualifiers in multiple resources take precedence over locale?

  10. What are the different states wherein a process is based?

Access the Android Developer Interview question resource for the answers to the above questions.

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