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How to hire an Objective C developer?

Objective C is a basic programming language used to create software for Mac OS X and iOS. It's an object-oriented programming language with a dynamic runtime that's a superset of C. However, dozens of firms compete for a limited pool of experienced Objective C developers, making recruiting the finest Objective C developers tough.

Because of the scarcity of experienced developers, finding good Objective C developers is both costly and time-consuming.

The company should hire the best remote Objective C developers after evaluating their skills in a variety of areas, including iPhone app development, Swift, Cocoa Touch, C++, and OOPS concepts, iOS frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, and Core Text, third-party libraries and APIs, interface builder and debugging tools, Google map kits, and knowledge of the complete mobile development life cycle, including publishing iOS apps in the app store.

Hire Objective C developers that have at least a few years of expertise in developing scalable and efficient applications.

Why do you need to Hire an Objective C Developer?

The Objective C developers are in charge of creating and developing high-level apps for the iOS platform, as well as ensuring that they are of good quality and responsiveness. As a result, businesses wishing to design and create the next generation of mobile apps must recruit top Objective C developers.

Pros of hiring an Objective C developer:

  • Extensive experience. Objective C developers have been writing millions of lines of code for the past 30 years.

  • Older versions are still maintained and functional. Despite the introduction of new versions, Objective C continues to support older iOS and macOS versions.

  • Stable and trustworthy. Because this programming language was created a long time ago, it does not require further inspections or new versions, making app creation safe and affordable.

Skills needed for an Objective C Developers

The major language for developing software and applications for systems like macOS and iOS is Objective C. It enhances the C programming language with object-oriented features and a dynamic runtime. It might be difficult to find highly experienced Objective C developers that can meet your team's needs. At a high level, an Objective C developer should be able to do the following tasks:

1. Expertise in Swift networking:

One must have a good grasp of Swift networking to be regarded as a valuable Objective C developer. It's one of the most important prerequisites for creating macOS apps and software. As a result, hiring Objective C developers with a solid foundation in fast networking is critical. Spend time looking through a developer's resume to get a sense of their previous projects and Swift networking experience.

2. C Programming Knowledge:

Another crucial talent that every Objective C developer should have is C programming knowledge and competence. A developer should have a solid grasp of the language for producing software and iOS apps, from a comprehensive comprehension of the language's foundations to its sophisticated capabilities. You may always discuss your technical leads to acquire a clear concept to guarantee you bring in talents who check all prerequisites. Always search for engineers with a good foundation in C when hiring Objective C developers.

3. Problem Solving Ability:

Another defining trait of valuable Objective C developers is the ability to work with a problem-solving mindset. Developers need to be able to handle tricky and complex situations. For this, developers must adopt an analytical approach coupled with creativity for developing quick and efficient solutions. From understanding blockers to troubleshooting hidden bugs, developers must undertake a variety of different tasks. So, when bringing in a new Objective C developer for your team, try to consider applicants showcasing confidence in their skills and niche of expertise. It would also be wiser to consider experienced C developers.

4. Experience with the Xcode IDE

Working as an Objective C developer typically entails working on iOS or macOS products. However, knowing and understanding merely C and Swift is insufficient to finish tasks on their own. You should hire engineers that have a thorough grasp of the Xcode IDE. Look for specialists that are well-versed in the capabilities of the IDE and have professional expertise with it. Posting the opportunity with a clear job description that includes mastery of the Xcode IDE as one of the major qualifications is one of the greatest methods to filter out the finest candidates.

5. UI/UX experience:

The two key foundations of any mobile application's success are the user interface and the user experience. The more appealing an app's UI and user experience are, the more likely it is to be successful. In addition, each app category has its own set of needs to keep consumers interested. As a result, Objective C developers must be well-versed in Apple's UI/UX design guidelines and best practices. You may always inquire about developers' preferred methods for delivering high-value digital solutions.

6. Communication abilities:

Communication skills are a must-have for success, regardless of the technology professional uses. Interpersonal skills are essential for job advancement and may assist firms in speeding up and fine-tuning development procedures. Interpersonal skills are the driving factor behind brainstorming sessions for finding new project solutions. As a result, while seeking Objective C experts, particularly remote Objective C developers, look for those who are comfortable participating in debates.

Objective C Developer Salaries

Objective C Developer Salary

Companies may now find competent developers all across the world because of globalisation. You may discover an Objective C programming business in Germany, the United States, Ukraine, or Japan — each has its labour prices, which we'll go over now.

According to Payscale, The salary for an Objective C developer around the world is:

  • The salary for an Objective C developer in the United States is $99,000.

  • The salary for an Objective C developer in the United Kingdom is $47,893.

  • The salary for an Objective C developer in Germany is $55,912.

  • The salary for an Objective C developer in France is $43,912.

  • The salary for an Objective C developer in Ukraine is $27,200.

Top interview questions to Hire Objective C Developers

  1. What is Objective C, exactly?

  2. What does protocol mean in Objective C?

  3. In Objective C, what is the difference between #import and #include?

  4. When should NSArray and NSMutableArray be used? Which is the quicker and thread-safe option?

  5. What is the procedure for calling a function in Objective C?

  6. What is the difference between atomic and nonatomic properties synthesised?

  7. What are blocks, and how do you utilise them?

  8. What is the definition of instanceType?

  9. Is there function overloading in Objective C?

  10. Is Objective C considered to be a dynamic language? Explain the true/false situation.

Access our Objective_C interview question resource for the answers to the above questions.

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