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How To Hire Ruby on Rails Developers?

A Ruby on Rails developer is in charge of building Ruby-based server-side web application logic for the Rails framework.

So you've decided to build a web application with Ruby on Rails. Solid architecture is ideal for both startups and businesses. On Rails, there are now 389,302 websites. The next step is to find Ruby on Rails developers who are right for your project. You can hire a freelance Ruby on Rails developer or hire a Ruby on Rails development firm.

Determine your aim before hiring Ruby on Rails engineers. There are four main objectives:

  • Development of web applications

  • App upkeep and support

  • Upgrade to the latest Rails version

  • Data migration for web apps

Based on this information, you can engage an in-house developer, a freelancer, or a Ruby on Rails development services company. From the start, every option must have a clear goal.

Why Do You Need To Hire a Ruby on Rails Developer?

Ruby on rails developers uses the open-source programming language ruby to create server-side web application logic. Rails, a model view controller (MVC) framework, is used to write the logic. Back-end components, linking the application to online services, and helping front-end developers are all responsibilities of Ruby on Rails engineers.

Ruby on Rails Developer Responsibilities:

Typically, Ruby on Rails engineers are entrusted with:

  • Integrate data storage into your current solutions.

  • To integrate server-side logic, collaborate with frontend devs.

  • Collaborate with several departments to create workflows and tighten management procedures.

  • Determine bottlenecks and offer solutions to problems that have been found.

  • Maintain a high level of code quality throughout.

  • Interfaces for application programming are managed (APIs)

  • Develop site-improvement tactics that focus on repurposing out-of-date websites.

Skills Required For a Ruby on Rails Developer:

1. MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture

MVC is a design paradigm for software application architecture. M stands for models, which manage data and logic, V for views, which handle the graphical interface, and C for the controller, which handles the user interface and program.

The app directory in Rails contains three subdirectories: models, views, and controllers. The framework in Rails clearly defines the roles of the model, view, and controller. Each model in Ruby on Rails exposes a database table as a class that can connect with other objects directly in code without the need to write SQL. As a result, Ruby on Rails is easy to use for developers who are familiar with other frameworks that use MVC conventions.

2. Skills in Front-End Development

Front-end development is in charge of how your website or web app appears to visitors. As a result, building your app or website in such a way that it resonates with your users while taking into account all UI/UX features necessitates both experience and knowledge.

A ROR developer should be proficient in the following areas:


In web development, this high-level programming language is always required. With JavaScript, the ROR developer will be able to search any element in the DOM, wrap the element in any hidden HTML, deal with confirmation dialogues, and much more.


HTML is the most important need when working with Ruby on Rails. ROR performs better in this situation. As a result, make certain that your desired applicant has good HTML abilities. The candidate should also understand how to write tags and how to use them.

Knowledge of databases

In the lack of a database, website or app creation is impossible. SQL and PostgreSQL/MySql are the most important databases for ROR.


SQL knowledge is required of any web developer. While SQL will be produced by ActiveRecord in the case of ROR, the ROR developer must ensure that no downfalls occur and should acknowledge concisely and log well.


MySQL is a well-known database engine that will always reign supreme in the web development world. That is why the database engine should be under the control of the ROR developer. PostgreSQL is a more advanced version, and being aware of it is an added benefit.

3. Skills in Using Tools

Website construction is a difficult task. It requires a large number of resources as well as the proper application of tools to create a successful web app. If you want to recruit the best ROR developers, make sure they are familiar with the following tools:-

Git is a must-have tool for code management and a de-facto version control standard. Your candidate should be able to recall how to create new Git branches and push the code to them.

Cl, Docker, and Heroku: These are the basic deployment tools that any RoR developers will use during the development of a web project.

Pivotal/Asana/Trello: If you're working on a ticket management app development project, make sure the ROR developer understands how to use Pivotal/Asana/Trello. These tools were created with ticket management site development and projects in mind. Learning how to use these tools can help you make the most of your web development process.

4. Skills in Validation and Testing

It is usually advisable to check and test the end-product before releasing it in real-time. Although you can easily hire a separate team for quality assurance, having an expert who understands the pattern of running the fake instructions and spotting the flaws is always preferable. If the hired ROR developer can not the ability to test the final result, the entire project will be for naught.

5. Understand how the web functions

We find it insulting at times, yet a large number of Ruby web designers have only hazy ideas of how the web works. If you're writing Ruby web applications, the information about what occurs when you type an address into the URL bar and press the Enter/Return key is minimal. TCP/IP, DNS foundation, and HTTP convention, which includes cookies and headers, are all things you should work on.

6. The Unix operating system

Regardless of whether you're a Mac or Linux user, you'll need to use the terminal at some time to do a few tasks, either locally or on the server. You can use an IDE like RubyMine to write and test Rails applications, and I've seen some excellent results with it, but you won't be able to run it on the server to test the construction framework. Unix instructions are useful not only for moving or transporting data but also for keeping everything related to your project in one place and consolidating it. It will also assist you in writing more effective Ruby code.

Ruby on Rails Developer Salaries:

Ruby on Rails Developer Salary

According to upgrad the average Ruby on Rails Developer salary is given above:

In India, the average income for Ruby on Rails Developers is roughly 832,000 per year or around 80k-90k per month. Keeping in mind that this is an average figure that will vary greatly depending on experience and competence, this is one of the highest-paid salaries to apply for.

Top Interview Questions To Hire Ruby on Rails Developers:

  1. Explain what is Ruby on Rails?

  2. Explain what is class libraries in Ruby?

  3. Mention what is the naming convention in Rails?

  4. Explain what is “Yield” in Ruby on Rails?

  5. Explain what is ORM (Object-Relationship-Model) in Rails?

  6. Mention what the difference is between false and nil in Ruby?

  7. Mention what are the positive aspects of Rails?

  8. Explain what is the role of sub-directory app/controllers and app/helpers?

  9. Mention what is the difference between String and Symbol?

  10. Explain how Symbol is different from variables?

Access the Ruby on Rails interview question resource for the answers to the above questions.

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