Matching your technical skills with a well-written Azure developer resume is crucial. We have developed a list of dos and don'ts for a wonderful Azure developer Resume to assist you in landing your desired Azure developer job. If you're a brilliant Azure developer but aren't getting the job offers you want, your Azure developer CV most likely has faults. As a result, you'll need a strong CV to land your desired Azure development position.

A well-crafted CV catches the attention of potential employers. This initial point of contact provides firms with information about you. And we all understand the significance of first impressions.

However, if you don't already have one, how can you create an effective Azure developer resume? This guide will help you prepare a good resume and land the best remote Azure/React developer jobs in 2022.

1. To Stay Relevant, Evaluate Yourself

Because cloud technology is continually growing, you must stay current with the most in-demand Azure abilities, therefore list just those that demonstrate you are the most qualified applicant for the job. Avoid combining Azure skills since what you'll be doing as a Solutions Architect and what you'll be doing as an Azure Developer are not the same. If your Azure skills are out of the current, go get some Azure training or certifications so that the hiring managers can always find the Azure capabilities they're looking for in you.

2. Make a section for Azure skills and another for IT skills

If you want to stress your Azure talents so that they can be seen easily, you should keep a separate section for them and your other IT skills. It's great if you put your Azure skills right at the top of your resume, just below your Objective and above your professional experience. It's also preferable if you present them in a bulleted list for easy reading.

It helps if your resume includes the following for an entry-level Solution Architect:

  • Certifications as an Azure Solutions Architect.

  • A real-world project (or several) (s).

If you're a seasoned Solution Architect, it helps if your CV includes the following:

  • You're an expert in computing, storage, database management, and networking.

  • You have experience with Azure, as well as skills and required Azure certifications.

You've honed your skills in computing, storage, database management, and networking.

3. Choose the Appropriate Azure Resumes Format

There are so many Azure resume formats available that you can easily pick one and customize it to meet your needs, but this is where you can go wrong. You can't just pick any Azure resume format because not all resumes are the same, and you should ideally have sections listing your job experience as an Azure Solutions Architect, Azure skills, IT skills, and other notable achievements. If you have a lot of professional experience and work skills to showcase, we recommend using hybrid Azure resumes. If you have little to no employment or internship experience, you should use a functional resume structure, which focuses on what you've learned in school, college, or other activities.

4. Maintain a consistent writing and formatting style

Although formatting your Azure resumes may appear to be a simple chore, it is not. A resume that is poorly written or designed not only makes it difficult for the hiring manager to read it, but it also gives the wrong impression. Ensure that all of your Azure resumes have the same formatting, styles, font sizes (excluding headings and subheadings), colours, and spacing. We also urge that you reread your resume properly to avoid any grammatical or typo errors.

5. Compare your abilities to what employers are looking for

Every organization or recruiting manager, as previously stated, has its own set of qualifications and expectations of a potential employee. Certain Azure talents are required or desirable by a hiring manager who is actively looking for them. As a result, whenever you come across a job offer, you should read it carefully to understand what the company is looking for. Assess your proficiency in each area as honestly and accurately as possible, and only include those skills on your CV.

Best of luck with your Azure resume writing! Are you ready to start your Azure career? Let's have a look at a quick summary of the Azure job path to see how lucrative and gratifying it can be.

6. Make your Azure resumes unique always

You must believe that writing just one resume is difficult enough. What's the point of writing it or customizing it? To that end, we'd like to remind out that each organization has a unique requirement or maybe searching for specific Azure talents, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, not writing a new resume every time a new job posting comes up gives the impression that you're lazy and unconcerned about making a good first impression because you didn't bother to read the job description to see what the company wants or what your potential employer has specifically requested.

7. Key Skills for Azure Developers

  • Java

  • SQL

  • Python

  • AWS

  • Linux

  • Agile Project Management

  • Machine Learning

  • Big Data

  • PHP

  • SAAS

  • HTML

8. Summary of Azure's Resume

  • Write your summary at the end of your Azure developer resume since it will help you select what to include in your summary to make it stand out.

  • From your job exposure area, select the most notable highlights of your career.

  • Try to combine the keywords that the recruiter used in the targeted job profile's job listing.

  • Your resume summary should not be longer than four lines.

  • Remember that you should only create a resume summary if you have at least three years of professional experience.

9. Azure Objective for a Resume

Only write an objective for your Azure Developer resume if:

  • If you haven't had any work experience.

  • In the event that you have less than three years of job experience.

  • If you're a recent graduate looking to write an entry-level resume.

  • Instead of highlighting a shopping list of items you're looking for, emphasize the value you can bring to your target firm.

10. Last Thoughts

Following are some critical insights from the above-mentioned essay that you should think about when constructing your Azure Developer CV.

  • The header of your azure developer resume for fresher should be written in 16-20 font size, and the title of your profile should be written in 14-16 font size.

  • To supply the timelines you describe, use the month and year format in your Azure resume.

  • Only provide certain personal information, and avoid providing any information that the recruiters do not require.

  • Try to mention your duties and responsibilities in one-liner statements while using the STAR style to generate cause-and-effect relationships in each point.

  • To select and highlight each point, group comparable items into distinct buckets and bold your major accomplishments.

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